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If you’re looking for unique and durable wall and ceiling coverings Maina Hardwoods stocks five species to meet your needs.

Flat Flooring

We manufacture flooring in the following species: White Birch, White Ash, Northern Red Oak and occasionally Cherry and Yellow Birch.

Rough Sawed Flooring

A Maina Hardwoods exclusive and a great alternative to reclaimed, our rough sawn flooring will give you that one of a kind look that is often copied in laminate or imitation wood products.


Welcome! For over 30 years the Maina Family has been producing high quality interior wood products from the northern hardwood trees indigenous to Northwest Wisconsin. This process, refined over many years, starts with our sawmill where we use locally harvested trees to carefully saw lumber into the specific dimensions for our finished products. Sawing the lumber ourselves eliminates the waste involved when buying rough lumber from other sources which tend to vary greatly in dimension.

All our rough lumber is then moved to our kiln where the wood is dried using species specific schedules to insure uniform drying and natural color. After drying, rough lumber is taken to our planer building where the finishing process begins. Our planing line begins with the straight line rip process and continues through our moulder to surface and machine the tongue and groove in one pass. Rough boards go in, finished boards come out. If we are making paneling, each board is then sanded to make it ready for finish application.

From there boards move to the end-matching process which cuts out any waste and machines a tongue and groove on the end of each board. During the end matching process we try to leave as much of the God given beauty in the wood as possible, eliminating only rotten or structurally unsound sections. This insures minimum waste and maximum durability in lengths ranging from 16“ to 100“+. Finished products are then enclosed in a plastic lined box to maintain moisture content and aid handling from our mill to your project site.

Our start to finish process insures an affordable, beautiful, unique product that is unmatched in quality, value and will last you a lifetime. Please continue to browse though our product line or contact us with your specific needs.