Character white ash floor.  Standard flat floorOur process of straight line ripping and end matching insure a product that will install easily for professional or “do it yourself”  homeowner alike. Straight line ripping insures that every board is just that, straight! No pushing , pulling, wedging, forcing of boards to install them. End matching removes waste and machines the tongue and groove on the ends so each board is locked in on all 4 sides. No need to nail the ends to framing which creates a pattern of joints easily picked out by eye. Our standard flat floor will require sanding before finish is applied but our precise milling keeps this to a minimum. Our rough sawed flooring is easily sanded by hand or can also be lightly machine sanded to give the floor a more worn look.
If you decide to install our products yourself, our staff is ready and willing to assist you with the technical support you need to complete your project. If you are not the do-it-yourself type we can  recommend  professional contractors to do your project start to finish.