How Much Material Do I Need?

White ash paneling.     PanelingWe sell our Flooring products by the Square Foot (Sq.Ft.) which is simply figured by multiplying length x width of your space.

Our Paneling and Select surfaced (S4S) products are sold by the Board Foot (Bd.Ft.)  which is figured by multiplying length x width x 1.2 (ex. 20’L x25’W =  500sq.ft. x 1.2 = 600bd.ft.) We also include a 1×6″ Lineal Foot (Ln.Ft.) price for reference. This will be right on for all 6” paneling installations but may need to be adjusted slightly for random width installations. Because our products are end-matched, you do not need to figure for waste unless you are running the product at an angle. While industry standards allow for a 5% waste factor we are confident that you will be able to use every inch of our product that you receive.  As always, feel free to contact us with your dimensions and we will take it from there to give you an estimate including any taxes that may apply.